Nina Donovan's "Nasty Woman" poem recited by Ashley Judd at Women's March on Washington

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I believe in government

The funding cuts to programs that save lives is real and will never be replaced by small dollar donations. 

I believe in government. I believe in the power of collecting money through taxes and distributing it to create a more peaceful, safer, and happier world.

I believe in civil society. I believe in the power of individual giving. And I will never accept the privatization of public responsibility. I will always support public education, public infrastructure, and public safety.

You cannot balance the federal budget on the backs of the poor, on the backs of abuse survivors, on the backs of our children. Pay attention to policy changes and ignore Twitter ramblings.

#TheResistance #RiseUp #WhyIMarch

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Is this thing on?

Honestly, restarting this political blog feels overwhelming. I started blogging in Friday, December 28, 2001. I was twenty-three, an unemployed college graduate living with my folks. Mainstream media coverage of the terrorist attacks had mentioned that the most immediate coverage was provided by citizen bloggers and I decided to get in the game. I used Blogger long before it was bought by Google. In late 2004, I made the decision to move to Movable Type. At the time, more serious bloggers (and internet publications) used MT because of its tagging system, which we all thought would instantly make our content pop in search engines. WordPress was an upstart and completely not the blogging gold standard it became.

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First hair cut blues

Jack before his first cut

For almost fifteen months, I resisted all attempts at cutting my son's hair. Initially, it was based on a feeling. It just didn't seem right to cut an infant's hair - to care that much, to not just let him be. He enjoys his hair and plays with it often. Then someone told me there was a Jewish tradition to not cut a boy's hair until he's three years old. And then it became A Really Big Thing.

Because you see, the tradition supposedly goes back to Rabbi Isaac Luria. And the Lurianic creation myth is a big reason I returned to practicing Judaism. So it seemed to follow that I should agree to this path. For a long time, I could continue this thought process without having to deal any consequences. He was born with a full head of hair, but went bald before growing it back. So, we had time.

But for the last month, I've noticed that it's in his eyes. And it's stick straight - no lovely curls. Just stick straight hair that would require rubber bands to hold away from his face. I have no problem with bending gender norms, but I just couldn't see the point. My kid needs to see and he should have hair in his face keeping him from seeing. So, I emailed our rabbi for advice. He suggested a haircut.

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Thou shalt not covet thy cousin's ticket to Ellen

I'm pregnant with our first child. CJ hopes for Ellen tixHe's healthy and I haven't had too many problems other than insomnia. I have the incredible fortune of sharing this first-time motherhood experience with my cousins - one is due six weeks before me, the other shares my due date.   

So what's the problem? Well, we all applied for the Ellen Show's Mother's Day special and only one of us has gotten a ticket.  

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