Thou shalt not covet thy cousin's ticket to Ellen

I'm pregnant with our first child. CJ hopes for Ellen tixHe's healthy and I haven't had too many problems other than insomnia. I have the incredible fortune of sharing this first-time motherhood experience with my cousins - one is due six weeks before me, the other shares my due date.   

So what's the problem? Well, we all applied for the Ellen Show's Mother's Day special and only one of us has gotten a ticket.  

It's one thing to know a friend who was lucky enough to get on a show known for making your first Mother's Day a fantastic experience. It's quite another thing to be sharing a triple baby shower with said person. 

My goal is to recognize that this feeling resides in my ego self. Ultimately, my love for my family is deeper than coveting my cousin's ticket to Ellen. (I can only imagine how my other cousin feels - it's her sister-in-law who got a ticket.) 

On the other hand, it seems the show is still giving away some tickets. 

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