Social Upheaval

Observing society in pursuit of nonviolent paradigm shifts

I have been blogging since 2001, though most of what I've written is no longer publicly available.  

I will be ordained a rabbi in May, 2022 by the Academy for Jewish Religion. I am a mother and a wife. Previously, I was the senior product writer at NationBuilder. That means I created a lot of the documentation for how to use it.

Prior to 2012, I used this blog to comment on politics. My primary focus these days is deepening my spiritual practice and raising my children. I love the idea of regularly posting my thoughts in three main buckets: public policy, culture, and spirituality. And yet, I wonder if that is a truly realistic goal given my competing obligations. Never mind the time required to read and internalize other people's thoughts on these subjects.

In reality, I'm not going to maintain this website. It isn't even a good archive of what it once contained. But it's hard to give up a digital home you've had for as long as I had this site.

I chose the name Social Upheaval because as a young peace activist, I deeply believed that nonviolent paradigm shifts were needed to create a deeply democratic and fair society. I was influenced by watching a documentary on Bob Dylan and being in love with a Dylan fan. (The doc describes the 60s as a time of social upheaval.) Nowadays, I just try to get my son to stop singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." I still tweet using this handle and wonder if I'm going to switch it to RabbiMinster ....

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