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February 2, 2005


Live blogging, via slow modem connection. (DSL connected within the week.) ABC looks great - NBC looks terrible - on this non-cable teevee.

In other news, someone thought I was a Republican because I want to watch the SOTU. Sigh. Just to clarify - Not in the least. Ever.

Count the frees, freedom, democracy, and Iraq in his speech. You could get drunk on a very simple drinking game....

Screw You! High Stakes Testing Does Nothing But Teach Kids How to Pass a Multiple Choice Test! It DOES NOT create a better educated secondary school student body!!! ........

Small businesses....apparently they're helping me get ahead. Junk law suits? You mean when consumers get together and hold you and your capitalist cronies accountable?!?!

JOHN MCCAIN CAUGHT CLOSING HIS EYES - he looked like he was sleeping - ON ABC!

Advances in medicine...did you hear about the Harvard study that the majority of bankruptcies every year are caused by medical bills? And the majority of people forced into bankruptcy by healthcare costs are middle class folks with health insurance? Great advances he's makin in healthcare...

Our society has NOT changed that much since SS started. In fact, it's gotten worse - less guaranteed pensions, more insecurity for seniors...

Personal Accounts...ruining the good idea of SS by lying and telling ppl to trust the stock market. Anyone heard of the Great Depression? Caused by a stock market crash? The actual reason for SS?!?!

Grolsch, back rubs, and seeing Orrin Hatch sleeping is keeping me sane..

Culture of Life?
Is that why you invade other countries with your imperialist army and kill innocent people?!?!

mi chavo says FLOTUS is in charge of Getting More Black Boys into Basketball Programs

what the hell does the Force of Human Freedom mean?!? I guess it's intentionally vague enough to force the Dems to stand and clap like monkeys.

Women voters in Afghanistan and fishnet stockings. Who would've thunk they would've come together in SOTU? Evil Rice will head to Palestine and Israel to tell the Palestinians to get in line and cower in the face of Israel.

I'm bored and need to pee...

Where exactly is Tay Rahn on the map? The blue finger is really over-played....they look foolish...

Casting a vote does not a democracy make.
Now I'm really falling asleep.
What a great challenging party we have. They continue to clap like monkeys, including the Great One who distinguishes his position on Iraq by....clapping at Shrub's clap lines.

I couldn't have missed much in the last twenty minutes...Dems responding...how interesting could that be?

Turns out I didn't miss the Dem response. Good thing I woke up to hear about lil Devon...

Posted by cj at February 2, 2005 8:06 PM

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