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March 10, 2005

Must Read: NYT article on the Corporate Corruption of Congress

"A New Mood in Congress to Relax Corporate Scrutiny," by Stephen Labaton

From bankruptcy law to gutting the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, corporations and their fully-owned subsidiary Congressmen are stickin it to the little guy.

I urge you to read the article. Without histrionics, without bias, it details how and why corporations have taken control of Congress. Just to clue you in - its because no one holds politicians accountable. It's because corporations are better at securing financial contributions for candidates from their employees than unions are from their members; its because the rich vote in larger numbers than the poor; because the poor are systemically disenfranchised and losing hope. ...getting off my soap box now....

Posted by cj at March 10, 2005 2:13 PM

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