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July 10, 2005

News Recap from the Last 24 Hrs

1. Power outage in Chicago not even reported by the Trib. Details on angelheaded hipster.

2. North Korea agreed to resume 6 party nuclear talks during the week of July 25. China announced it will host the talks. NYT article online version updated today to include SecState Rice's approval of diplomacy. My Nation Edition paper version quotes an unidentified "senior administration official traveling with Ms. Rice, who did not want to be identified because Ms. Rice had not yet made a formal announcement." That phrase appears on page 1 of the NYT. Isn't that a good use of space?

3. Meet the Press is slipping behind This Week. For the past several weeks, they've shared the major guest and here in Chicago, This Week comes on a half hour earlier than Meet the Press. How long can one person listen to Chertoff? Why finish MtP when ABC shows Ebert & Roepert at 10:30 and they're reviewing the new version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

4. NASA is sending a human-driven shuttle back to space. Its scheduled for a Wednesday launch, if the weather permits. Not clear what the astronauts will be doing, but the widows of the astronauts who died in the Columbia tragedy get page 1 coverage of how difficult it is to be in the media spotlight.

5. More ink on the Supreme Court vacancy. Maybe that's why the anti-choice activists were out in force last week in downtown Chicago. More talk show chatter (but left till the absolute end of the shows). Wishing that Jerry Springer VH1 special was on....

Posted by cj at July 10, 2005 10:05 AM

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