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November 30, 2005

Shrub Misses the Point (Again)

President Bush announced his "Plan for Victory in Iraq" at the US Naval Academy this morning. The White House simultaneously released a de-classified portion of the "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq."

Brilliant quote from the prez:

Bush characterized the U.S. enemy in Iraq as "a combination of rejectionists, Saddamists and terrorists." The terrorist group, he said, "is the smallest but the most lethal" of the three.

"Our strategy in Iraq is clear," Bush said. "Our tactics are flexible and dynamic. We have changed them as conditions required and they are bringing us victory against a brutal enemy."[...]

"Most Americans want two things in Iraq: They want to see our troops win and they want to see our troops come home as soon as possible," Bush said. "And those are my goals as well. I will settle for nothing less than complete victory."

Apparently, Shrub and his advisors are unable to read the newspaper. They cannot understand that the violence in Iraq is primarily caused by ethnic tensions and that their attempts to push forward pseudo-democracy through elections does not actually bring political cohesion to the country. Further, there is no emphasis on bringing women into the process - which is mandated by UN Security Council Resolution 1325. There is no recognition that "the enemy" and "our allies" are neighbors in Iraq and must work together to create a lasting peace. Further, US allies wreak as much havoc on Iraqi stability as US enemies.

Obviously, complete victory is a black and white term from a man who cannot think in shades of grey. It is empty, tired rhetoric that speaks in terms of the conquering empire frame. Creating a robust, peaceful democracy in Iraq is not something that can be done by the occupying imperial army. It must be created from within, with support from the international community.

More info from CNN:
"Bush: U.S. to stay in Iraq till war is won; President does not set timetable for withdrawal of troops"
"National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" (pdf)

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