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January 31, 2006

SOTU Sucks

democracy = capitalism + transnational corporations + American soldiers

radical Islam = catch-all phrase for "the Evil Doers"
fear breeds loyalty
loyalty breeds blind faith
blind faith breeds total control
total control is the objective of POTUS

USG only wants "democracy" in our enemies' countries.
Democracy is not important in Egypt, where political parties were denied access to polls and its illegal to protest.
Democracy is not important in the US, where peace protestors are thrown into federal prison for months at a time and soldiers convicted of "negligant homicide" (i.e. murder) walk free

Wow. I wrote about Egypt before he lied about "multi-party elections" and apparently the Congress is in lock-step behind the idea that Palestinians are holding up the peace process when Israel is the one who refused to negotiate for years before the recent elections...

I'm gettin sick of liberty, hope, and democracy. How many frickin times can one man say those words?!?!

Reminder: the Evil Doers are All Around You. Thank Goodness for the popo.

PATRIOT ACT?!?! A tool of law ienforcement? It's a tool of denial of civil liberties, a way to stranglehold ppl in America as well as abroad.

See, the constitution and statutes give me the authority to spy on you, Mr. Joe American. (did you notice his dropping of the "g" in talking? Apparently, we need to be talked to in folksy-ness when being lied to about presidential power.

Yeah right. Republicans really appreciate immigrants. That's why they just gave Bechtel a contract to build more holding pens for ICE, to hold undocumented workers like cattle...

TAX RELIEF? American families? My frickin taxes never went down. Tax cuts during a war?!?! What happened to being fiscally conservative you damn moron? I really hate his smirk.

...and the Grolsch goes down smoothly...

Woohoo! Less government help! Why don't you pass more corporate welfare you baffoons and fully screw America's workers by completing your transfer of social services to private companies that can waste more money on administrating a worse system than the current one.

Increase Taxes! Decrease Spending on Corporate Welfare and the Military Industrial Complex!

Go Dems! Have a Spine! Note the horrid squalor of Shrub's social security "reform proposal" with your clapping.

Healthcare is a right, Not a commodity. Real reform would be a national, single-payer healthcare system.

How did I know his clean energy plan would include money for COAL?!?!?! Nuclear energy? Give me a frickin break.

Ethanol. A boom for politicians from small states with lots of corn. A disaster in terms of "new technology."

If you signed the Kyoto Protocol, it'd be a helluva lot easier to be an Environmental President.

Talent and Creativity? While you Cut Spending for grants to colleges? Give me a frickin break!

Your Culture Is Doomed To Unravel.
Progressive, thoughtful, honest culture is destined to inherit the earth.

Mangling your words again. Good thing you got some water during the applause break. "Legislate from the bench" - a lie propagated by Republicans. Liberals don't legislate from the bench, conservatives do.

Stay in School - where you'll learn how to pass standardized tests and lose all hope of creativity.

Really? You're meeting immediate needs? Where? Not New Orleans.

I've got mad job skillz. Doesn't help when employers refuse to pay higher salaries and healthcare costs increase exponentially every year.

Really? We can defeat AIDS? But it's not curable.

Yay Ryan White ACT! I worked on the TAC (Technical Assistance Contract) for that at John Snow, Inc.

Oh now you're just being silly. No new infections? Platitude b.s.

History is not turning. You Are a Moron Leading Us Towards Our Own Distruction.

I know Lincoln and MLK, Jr., sir. And you are like neither of them.

History is written in courage? We aint all macho bullshitters like you, sir.

Thank goodness it's over. 51 minutes of pure hell.

Posted by cj at January 31, 2006 9:03 PM


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