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February 14, 2006

On Hamas, Palestine, Israel, and the US

Why oh why, do we always deny people the ability to change??

Why does the US not wait and see and push for the ability of a democratically elected political party to change its spots?

Why has everyone pre-judged the Hamas political party?

Forget what the mainstream media tells you. Yes, suicide bombs are horrific and should never be condoned. But the Hamas party that won the Palestinian elections is not the same party as the one that people hear about from The Powers That Be.

By accepting the rules of the road, Hamas accepted the status quo - they won electoral power by emphasizing the need for growth of the Palestinian economy and an alternative to the cronyism and ageism of the Fatah Party. So, why is the USG and Israeli government trying to undermine Hamas' ability to unite Palestinians?

Probably because a united Palestine is not conducive to the US and Israeli terretorial and political interests. If neither country truly engages Hamas in dialogue - forgetting the stupid prerequisites and just talking - then the Palestinians will easily be able to blame Israel and the US for Hamas' problems. Why make an enemy out of the Palestinian Authority? Why is Hamas so different from Irish separatist organizations? Is it their skin color? Their religion? Their deep, profound desire for their own national state, with borders protected by their own guards, and free access to their neighbors for their working people?

Why is it okay for the USG and Israel to deny nationhood to the Palestinians? Why is there no outrage over the denial of access to healthcare, work, and normal daily life? Why does the apartheid wall continue being built? When, oh when, will my fellow Jews recognize that their neighbors are only their enemies when caught in cages and denied rights Jewish Israelis take for granted?????

I pray for peace. I pray for understanding. I pray for a chance in administrations in the US and Israel.

"Paper: US, Israel Mull Palestinian Change," by Associated Press in NYT

Posted by cj at February 14, 2006 8:37 PM


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