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July 29, 2006

"There is something fundamentally wrong when there are more dead children than armed men."

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland made that criticism and was quoted in the LAT.

And therein lies the fundamental problem of Israel's continuous war against its neighbors. Israel and its supporters claim they have no partners for peace - but when you show complete disregard for the sacred nature of human life why should anyone partner with you? And when your "partnership" means "accept that we're going to take whatever territory we want and deny responsibility for the millions of Palestinian refugees that our military forced out of their homes when we were claiming this land for ourselves," how can you be taken seriously?

And why, why, why is the mainstream US media coverage so biased? Every time they mention that Iran and Syrian are suspected of arming Hezbollah, they simply MUST state that the US arms Israel, including "emergency" shipments After Israel Started Killing Lebanese and Palestinian Civilians!

Bush and Blair cobbled together a farce of a peace plan yesterday.
The UN is calling for an unconditional 72 hour cessation of violence to allow humanitarian aid into southern Lebanon and for the militants to try some diplomacy. Guess which plan gets more play in the US press?
After a marathon cabinet meeting, Lebanon suggested terms for a cease fire with support from the two main Lebanese political parties both Hezbollah and Amal. This is basically a reiteration of the proposal Lebanon made in Rome last week, with the significant addition of the support of the political parties. Per usual, the Israeli government rejected the plan out of hand and mocked its legitimacy.

"Israel Rejects Peace Offer: Hezbollah signs on to Lebanon's proposal for a cease-fire and prisoner swap, but disarmament is not included. The pace of diplomacy quickens by Rone Tempest and Laura King with contributions from Alissa J. Rubin, Peter Wallsten and Paul Richter in the LAT.

"Bush, Blair Seek U.N. Force In South Lebanon as Buffer," by Michael Abramowitz and Robin Wright with contributions from Colum Lynch and Josh White in WaPo.

"Bush and Blair Push Plan to End Mideast Fighting," by Jim Rutenberg Helene Cooper with contributions by Greg Myre in the NYT.

"U.N. Humanitarian Chief Asks Mideast Truce," by Paul Berkhardt of the AP in WaPo.

"Peace Train," Today's Papers by Barbara Raab in Slate.

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