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July 23, 2006

What I Believe

I wrote this to my aunt:

Israel can bomb the hell out of its neighbors because of the approval of the US government, and most importantly, because the US government has made Israel the most technologically advanced military in the Middle East, including nuclear weapons. Israel's current destruction of the entire civil infrastructure of Lebanon, and mass murder of innocent Lebanese civilians is a grossly disproportionate response to Hezbollah. Further, the idea that Jewish lives are somehow superior to Arab lives is racist. And no historic persecution in the world can defend the 39 year occupation of Palestine.
And she asked, "who's side are you on?"

Here is my response:

I'm on the side of Peace.

I believe Israel must accept its neighbors as its neighbors - there can be no one sided ending of the Arab-Israel conflict.

The current crisis is a one-sided war of aggression by the right-wing racist Israeli government.

I believe in the sovereignty of all nations, including Palestine and Lebanon.
I know that Hamas was initially funded by Israel and the US as a counterpoint to the non-religious Fatah movement.
I know that Hezbollah started as a resistance movement to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.

I believe in the power of peace.
I believe that an immediate, unconditional cease fire is needed.
The majority of world opinion stands firmly against Israel and the US - Lebanon is in ruins; Israel is practicing collective punishment which is a recognized war crime. There can be no peace through bombings. Further, the humanitarian crisis continues in Gaza - caused by the cruel destruction of its main power plant by the Israeli army; which has left Gazans without power or potable water (since power is needed to filter the water supply).

I believe that a two state solution is possible, if the Israelis accept a real peace process. I believe that all settlements in the West Bank must be abandoned. I believe that the separation wall must be dismantled. I believe that Israel must stop stealing water and fertile land from its stateless neighbors, the Palestinians.

These are my political beliefs.

As a Jew, my religious beliefs impel me to denounce a state that offers special treatment to one religion over another. I have no right to citizenship in Israel. Further, I reject the notion that Jewish people inherently deserve more protection or support under Israeli law than any other citizens of Israel. These I consider my religious beliefs.

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