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December 12, 2006

Jeannette Rankin on Film

Do you know who Jeannette Rankin was? She was the first woman elected to Congress, a life-long pacifist, and a person who voted against both world wars. Her life was magical, her story is empowering. WILPF US Board Member Jeanmarie Simpson wrote and starred in the play "A Single Woman" about Rankin's life. Simpson and WILPF Life Member Cameron Crain have brought the story to the big screen - a film based on the play is now in post-production.

Unlike "Blood Diamonds," Simpson did not have to alter the facts to create a moving drama. The story is compelling because at every turn, Rankin held her ground and lived by her pacifist beliefs. We must listen to her story, even if we disagree. There is nothing weak-willed about a principled pacifist. And the path Rankin promoted is filled with strong actions. The path of diplomacy and political dialogue is a path we Americans have strayed far from. By embracing Rankin & the film, we are embracing the hope for a better future.

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December 11, 2006

Women Being Left Behind in LA County

I just wrote a post for the Courage Campaign based on a report from the United Way on how women, especially single mothers, struggle to stay afloat in LA.

Go read it. It includes a link to the transcript of the Larry King show I was on.

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December 6, 2006

Israel & Palestinian: An Insider's Perspective

Check out this video from the Social Uplift Foundation. I helped digitize it - found the music, pictures, rendered it....it's the first video I worked on that's gone live. It's an interview with Yossi Khen, an Israeli American and board member of Brit T'zedek v'Shalom. His testimony is powerful and frightening. The video is about 27 minutes.

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December 2, 2006

Blogging on Cali Issues at Courage Campaign

I'm proud to report that I'm now a blogger for The Courage Campaign. From their About page:

The Courage Campaign was created to revitalize the California dream from outside the political system. We are progressives who activate and enable the grassroots and organized leadership to take on the problems that have held back our state for the past 30 years.

Go read my rant on public trans in LA.

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