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January 21, 2007

Notes from the Sunday Papers

Economic development in South America is directly tied to the ability to exploit natural resources. This can cause distress for both the rain forest and the indigenous people. It's also never clear whether The Government or The Government Corporation is really working in the people's interest. All of these problems are rolled up in Chavez's dream of a 5000 mile pipeline from Caracas to Buenos Aires. And in the current construction of a pipe line from the heart of the Amazon to a port city in Brazil. More deets at "Vast Pipelines in Amazon Face Challenges Over Protecting Rights and Rivers," by Larry Rohter in the Sunday NYT

The connection between the paramilitary and the government of Colombia is being proven, slowly but surely, but a few former heads of the paramilitary, who have come forward to accept plea bargains. Apparently, there's a document that was signed by a bunch of people known for massacring their countrymen and politicians - politicos from both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, there's no evidence yet that the President of Colombia knew anything about the cruel civilian massacres and of course, no evidence has come forward that the USG understood the connection between its (continued) expenditures on Colombian military projects and the systematic murder of Colombian people by forces related to the government. Because, you see, the USG stands for one thing above all else: private property rights. And apparently, the massacred had it coming because they had extremely subversive notions about social equality through socialism. Not much more deets, but a few at "Colombian Government Is Ensnared in a Paramilitary Scandal," by Simon Rivera in the Sunday NYT.

On the happy front, you should know that there's a soccer team consisting entirely of refugees in the heart of the heartland. Apparently, this is not only worthy of the front page of the NYT, it deserves several pages of ink. "Refugees Find Hostility and Hope on Soccer Field," by Warren St. John on A1 of the Sunday NYT.

In Cali news, the head of the LA Transportation Dept still drives a Hummer and LA Times columnist Steve Lopez still has nothing else to write about in his column.

Also, the billionaires are duking it out over control of the LAT and/or its parent company, the Tribune Co. I really can't believe one of the idiots trying to buy the paper has such envy of the NYT that he wants to lure away MoDo and Friedman with gobs of cash. Seriously? MoDo and Friedman? We can really do better than that. Even for a city not known for its literary largesse, we can do better than a washed-up-snarky-pseudo-feminist-rich-bitch and a stuck-in-the-mud-truly-thinks-the-American-military-and-free-trade-capitalism-will-free-the-world-from-tyranny-economist.

Finally, every gotten annoyed at overly loud cell phone convos? Every been on one of those convos unable to tone down your voice? Well, watch out - that private info you're shouting is in the public domain as soon as it comes out of your mouth. And an annoyed citizen could just post your number on her blog and cause you to get plenty of creepy calls. More deets in Steve Harvey's Only in L.A. column.

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