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August 25, 2007

The world is waiting...

Most of my time these days is taken up by work and WILPF. We're going through some major transitions at both places, so the growing pains can be difficult. Hence not having much time to reflect on the state of the world.

But it's all rather exciting. I truly believe the world is poised for new answers. A Democratic president wouldn't be the savior of the world, but s/he'd be a million times better than the current administration. Plus, more and more individuals are getting involved in the political process, which could lead us closer to radical democracy....

If only wages would rise, we could get some socialized healthcare and join the civilized world, and the housing market would stop collapsing.

and you know, if that doesn't happen in the next 24 hours, at least the Sunday papers will be here to keep me company.

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