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April 22, 2006

I'm the Decider

A sister WILPFer sent me a link to this fabulous riff on "I am the Walrus." The original song is by one of my all-time favorite bands, Oingo Boingo.

Here's the political version - "I'm the Decider (Koo Koo Ka Choo)" on Huffington Post

Boingo, btw, wrote several political songs including a few about the first Gulf War...

And re Rumsfeld - I read an insightful article in the WSJ about the disputes btwn him and the career military men. But the thing is, I just can't get behind this groundswell to kick him out. Not that I think he's that great; just that the arguments are so small-minded. The problems created by the USG's occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq are not completely caused by Rumsfeld's emphasis on small, quick-moving forces; the problems go back to the idea of occupation itself. An occupying empire cannot create democracy anywhere. And the corporations receiving billions of taxpayer money to "rebuild" Iraq will simply continue to take our money and Iraq will continue to be a more inhospitable place to live than it was during Saddam's regime.

The problems created by W.'s foreign policy cannot be fixed by turning the military over to "trusted experts." It can only be fixed by booting him out of office. And doing a 180 in foreign relations - only when the American elite / foreign policy establishment stops thinking they can mold the world in their image will the US be a helpful world leader.

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