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November 4, 2008

What about the propositions?

How on the day that a black man was elected president could the voters of California vote to limit the human rights of their fellow citizens?

How in the world can Californians vote yes on prop 8?

I shouldn't put so much emphasis in 2% of the precincts reporting...but it still puts a terrible taste in my mouth that 57% of currently counted votes are for a constitutional ban on same gender marriage. For the love of all things holy!

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My grumpy morning voting

I got mad this morning. I woke up early to go vote before work. I was in line at 6:53 a.m. Problem was, the county workers who opened the polls decided to let 2 lines form: one at the front and one in the back by the parking lot (a parking lot that was closed on one side).

So instead of getting to move in a timely manner, I had to wait while the flow was let in "evenly" between the lines. But here's the crux: this is the first time ever a line was allowed from the back door. So those of us who have voted before were held up by knowing the "right" door to queue at.

And it gets worse - I was so angry, so frustrated about the old lady looking up my name, so annoyed that my name had to be checked twice (why twice?) that I ran too quickly through the ballot and mismarked a proposition. So, I had to request a new ballot.

Anyway, I'm glad I stuck it out and voted before any state was called. Made my vote feel slightly more meaningful for president. And you know, those LA judges couldn't get in without me. :)

Wow. 8 long years of ineptitude in the electorate and in the party machine has now ended.

Congrats Obama on creating a party machine for the 21st century.

Now it's time to push for more progressive policies.

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November 3, 2008

I Did It! I Voted!

Ok, so maybe technically I'll be voting in 7 hours, 45 minutes. But it was quite an accomplishment just to fill out the sample ballot.

Most intriguing: it takes 3 pamphlets to read all of the official pro and con stuff. The California General Election Official Voter Information Guide has info on statewide ballot initiatives. It's the easiest to read because it's a big book. The sample ballot has most of the other info for county and school initiatives. And the Voter Information Pamphlet from the LA city clerk feels like a waste of my money, since it only has info on two propositions.

And that ridiculous question - why am I constantly asked to judge judges? I still don't understand the answer. But the LA Democratic Party endorsed candidates.

And the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund compiled as much info on those judicial candidates as you'd ever want - including podcasts.

Here's hoping my neighbors are too busy to join me at the polls tomorrow morning. I've got meetings tomorrow morning at work...

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November 2, 2008

Lazy Voter Syndrome

A part of me is so excited that Election Day is two days from now. I'm so relieved to know that NPR and the NYT will talk about something else in a week or two.

On the other hand, I'm dreading it a bit. I've been lazy and haven't read my ballot yet. Haven't figured out who I'm voting for. Now don't get all riled up by that statement. My presidential selection was secured when Obama out-machined the Clinton machine. That's not why I dread going to the voting booth.

I need to read all those damn propositions. Especially the local ones that get no air time. And I'm sure there are more judges on the ballot. How the hell are you supposed to vote for a judge? That is the most asinine part of voting.

Even my Congressional choice is a no brainer. The Republican nominee sent me postcards with the tagline "drill baby drill." Anyone who thinks that is phrase in any way represents serious public policy does not deserve to be on the ballot, let alone a major party candidate. It was also intriguing that he chose to send me a picture of my current Congressman rather than using his own photo on his postcard. I suppose the conservatives who surround me would be less likely to vote for a right wing nut in a turban than they would to vote against an incumbent "corrupt" Democrat.

So yes, there are easy choices on the ballot. Voting to keep abortion access legal for all women regardless of age. Voting to not add blatant discrimination to my state's constitution. The unlikely event of my matrimony will not be affected in any way by the ability of my fellow citizens to marry. Have to say, I'm relieved that the founders of the country did a few things right...even if they saddled us with this completely undemocratic Electoral College....

But a sales tax hike to pay for public trans in this economy? And I'm not even sure what else is on the ballot. I know. I need to do my civic duty and read the damn thing before Tuesday morning. I will. But I still have the right to grumble about it.

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